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The 5 advantages of Pharmony One,

Europe’s first cloud-based pharmacy management solution

Convenience and productivity

A simple Internet connection in your pharmacy will give you access to PHARMONY ONE.

From any workstation, or even from home, you can access all your pharmacy’s functions and data.

Pharmony is an intuitive software, developed to enhance your pharmacy’s productivity. Its interfaces have been designed to ensure that your pharmacy team can easily master them.

Regarding updates, no more problems with crashes, updates are transparent and guarantee that you will always have the latest version of the software, enhanced with regulatory, functional and pricing changes.

You will no longer have to archive your data, PHARMONY ONE will take care of that.


Unlike a traditional server that takes up space in your pharmacy, your data is permanently protected on redundant servers that are monitored 24 hours a day.

This data hosting service has HDH (Health Data Hosting) certification, which ensures the confidentiality of your data and that of your patients.

Save money

You’ll no longer need to invest heavily in expensive hardware and an energy-hungry server.

PHARMONY ONE can be used with your current equipment, so you will no longer need a server in your dispensary. This will significantly reduce your IT costs.

PHARMONY ONE is an all-inclusive monthly subscription, with no surprises.


Do you own several pharmacies or have you set up a pharmacy group?

PHARMONY ONE has been designed to optimise the management of chains and groups of dispensaries.

Access all your pharmacies in complete security and communicate with all your staff via a dedicated messaging system or the news feed.


The PHARMONY COMPANION application is an extension of PHARMONY ONE.

This free application is packed with features to make life and mobility easier for pharmacists:

  • Consultation of your pharmacy’s key figures
  • The ability to view and modify a product’s stock by scanning a barcode
  • A simple scanner for adding all types of document to PHARMONY ONE modules
  • A professional messaging system for communicating with colleagues and fellow pharmacists

What is SaaS or cloud-based management?

SaaS, or software as a service, is a model for distributing software via the Internet rather than via a computer’s hard drive. Software applications are hosted by the service provider.

PHARMONY ONE is a SaaS-based pharmacy management software package.

SaaS applications are delivered over the Internet, so users can access them from any connected device, and the software can have thousands or even millions of simultaneous users.

How secure is the SaaS solution?

All your data is hosted by a Health Data Hoster (HDH). This framework guarantees respect for patients’ privacy and medical confidentiality.

Aligned with the international ISO 27001 standard, HDH certification complements the security measures we have already put in place to protect our customers’ data. This certification ensures that we process personal health data in a responsible and transparent manner.

The benefits of SaaS for pharmacies?

The clear advantage of SaaS is its low cost. The cost of acquiring hardware is eliminated, as are the supply and maintenance costs of installation, support and software licences. Furthermore, this type of software is modular and therefore adaptable to the pharmacy’s changing needs.

Finally, moving to SaaS is a very profitable investment, because it mainly allows you to :

  • Eliminate maintenance and repair requirements
  • Reduce costs
  • Automatically manage updates from service providers
  • Significantly increase the protection of pharmacy and patient data
  • Considerably reduce deployment times compared with more traditional systems


“Being the first pharmacists in France to switch to SaaS has been a very rewarding experience, and the expected benefits in terms of patient data security and productivity are clear to see. Our teams have also been impressed by the software’s user-friendliness.”

Amandines D. & Antoine C. - Pharmacists (Bordeaux, France)

“With PHARMONY ONE, I’ve made the choice to embrace the necessary evolution of pharmacy information systems, with greater scalability, connectivity and security.”

Matthieu S. - Pharmacist (Nanterre, France)

PHARMONY ONE is performance within a controlled budget

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